communityOur Community Based Service and Personal Assistant (PA Service) share the objective to advocate independence for individuals. These services are provided to young people and adults and aim to develop holistic health and well-being of the individual through providing various opportunities for them to be part of.

SAFS enables individuals to achieve their full potential in everything they do. Our Community Based Service and PA Service support individuals with day to day tasks such as how to use public transport safely, how to prepare and cook a meal independently and how to manage their own money. These services also aim to teach individuals techniques on how to stay safe in the community. It is paramount that we promote choice for individuals enabling them to have control over their daily routine.

The provision of both the PA and Community Based Services is determined by each individual’s assessment of needs.

SAFS operates a person-centered service in line with the Personal Agenda. Individuals in the PA and Community Based Service are encouraged to choose what activities they participate in during each week; the underpinning objective is for their life skills to be enhanced and new opportunities to be experienced. A person-centred service is where an increase of focus on personal choice and flexibility is promoted in meeting the needs of Service Users. The service will be personalised considering the preferences of the Service Users.

Each individual has a specific person centred support plan, with in depth detail regarding their individual needs and wishes. Each individual also has a developed Individual Progress Plan (IPP), which works towards achievable goals and outcomes. These goals have been discussed and agreed by the individual and their significant other (which is usually their main carer) along with guidance from SAFS. The IPP demonstrates the progress and achievement of the individual during their journey with SAFS.

All care and support workers are skill matched with the individual and recruited due to their supportive and caring nature and are trained to a Level 2 NVQ in Health and Social Care.